How Eco-friendly homes could safeguard our Earth?

New Delhi has become a gas chamber. This city is gasping for oxygen due to the poor air quality index measuring the number of poisonous particles. According to the World Health Organization, on Nov 8, Delhi became the most polluted city on the earth with an air quality index of 1,010. This level is equal to smoking 50 cigarettes a day.

This is just one eye opening example of deadliest air pollution, but that day is also not too far when you’ll be struggling to breathe even indoors. Pollution not just cause inconvenience, it is indeed a major health hazard. Not just Delhi, this spiraling air pollution crisis has now taken several other cities hostage.

In fact, as per a recent report by Greenpeace, there is not even a single city in Northern India which meets international air quality standards. More than 1 million Indians each year are dying due to air pollution, which is also causing a 3% loss in the country’s GDP.

This is one of the deepest issues, as if we don’t have a living earth, we cannot live on it ourselves. We have never considered the earth as a part of our body and cared to do something about it. But, we all have to understand the fact that the earth is our home, it’s where we live and we should do what we can do to prevent it.

“When the earth is sick and polluted, human health is impossible…. To heal ourselves we must heal our planet, and to heal our planet, we must heal ourselves.” -Bobby McLeod (Aboriginal Activist & Poet)

As the above quote says, we need to heal ourselves and take the initiative to bring that much needed change in our environment. And one such initiative is taken by Green Lotus Apartments. They believe that good living is all about maintaining a balance between luxury and our responsibility towards the environment. This is why they came up with green residential projects in Zirakpur with the thought of serving the community by creating eco-friendly home spaces.

The eco-friendly homes – residential projects get a lot of hype, but Green Lotus assures that you receive concrete advantages to “going green” when you choose them. The Green building alternatives used in Green Lotus Apartments will help you save money, protect your health and reduce your impact on the environment. Be it improving indoor air quality or mitigating global climate change, these green apartments in Zirakpur will help you live a more resource-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

What Makes a Green Building?

There may be different variations of Green Building, but they all have a few things in common. They are efficiently designed to reduce energy and water usage and improve the indoor environment, including air quality. In India, the most widely used certifications for green building is IGBC (Indian Green Building Certification Design. Hence, both the projects Avenue and Saksham by Green Lotus are also IGBC certified.

Measures to Protect Your Health

Green Lotus Apartments have been built using only eco-friendly materials that are optimal for the health of the  residents. No volatile organic compounds, irritants or toxicants are present in paints, plastics, building materials and indoor products. So there are no chances of moisture buildup, which can lead to toxic mold or mildew problems. Both VOCs and molds are key reasons for outdoor air pollution. Green Lotus is constructed using non-VOC and moisture-resistant products. Moreover, the installing systems here enhance air quality whilst also protecting your health and environmental health at the same time.

Environmental Gains

The effective utilization of energy-efficient, renewable or recycled materials reduces a person’s carbon footprint and impact on resource use and pollution. Green Lotus Apartments are efficiently designed to produce less carbon emissions through efficient energy use and keeping trash out of landfills. This way it also lessens the impact of new construction on the world’s finite resources.

Sustainable behavior is driven by our attitudes and cultural values. So, if enough people take even small steps toward sustainability in the home now, spreading environmental awareness will get maximum results for the positive environmental impact of a green building down the road.

Potential Future Savings

Green Lotus Apartments are pre-fitted with green options like Energy Star appliances, thermal-heat-retaining gypsum panels, metal roofing or tankless water heater systems, which cost more than their traditional counterparts. In these cases, residents will realize the savings that come later. These green residences have energy-efficient sources such as heat reflective glasses, rain water harvesting, solar panels, photovoltaic cells or geothermal heating that helps keep utility bills down.

The use of right eco-friendly homes materials in the right place saves a lot of construction time. Locally available materials keep money in the local economy whilst reducing the home’s carbon footprint by minimizing fuel used in shipping.

Final Note

So, how we live makes all the difference and as humans are mainly responsible for the devastating environmental conditions, we must do every bit to appreciate the vitality of the earth. And adopting eco-friendly homes is the first step towards it. This is why Green Lotus came out with the concept of green life- a life that comes with the eco-sustainability, which is purely reflected in its projects- Green Lotus Saksham and Green Lotus Avenue. These are exactly the places where you can live a life in tune with the green needs of the modern world.