Apartment in Zirakpur with IGBC Certification

The growing demand for environmental friendly and resource efficient apartments in Zirakpur is revolutionizing the real estate sector in India. According to IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), green incentives and regulatory support are going to further accelerate the demand for adoption and promotion of resource efficient or you can call green homes. IGBC along with the support of all the stakeholders is leading the green movement in India. And it is estimated that India’s green building footprint can rise up to 10 billion sq ft by 2022.

Although, green homes are gaining popularity, still it has not made inroads in the residential segments developed by builders. But, Green Lotus Apartments is Tricity’s first green residential project that is certified by IGBC and came up in July 2016. As the cities expand it is important to invest in eco-friendly projects to enable smart cities for the future. With the help of smart and sustainable materials, these projects are built to have intelligent structures that significantly save time, energy and operating costs.

As a home buyer, you should pay attention to IGBC rated green homes by recognizing the significance and link between green homes, cost savings and healthy living. Hence, this post is written in the context to highlight what IGBC rating actually is and why a home buyer needs to shift towards IGBC rated residential projects so as to lead a healthy and sustainable life.

What is IGBC Rating?

IGBC rating is a green homes rating developed in India exclusively for the residential sector. It is a first rating program that helps bring together a host of sustainable solutions to overcome the environmental impacts. Through an integrated approach, this rating system considers the life cycle impacts of the resources used.

Why a home buyer should shift towards IGBC rated residential projects?

Eco-friendly projects with IGBC rating uses less energy, water and natural resources as compared to projects that are built on conventional standards. The Green Lotus Avenue is also a top rated green residential project that has received pre-certification under green homes rating by Indian Green Building Council.

Health comes first

It is truly said, health is wealth. IGBC certified or green homes provide better air quality and regulate temperature levels with renewable resources for construction, reuse, recycling, etc. And as a homebuyer, you can achieve the healthy living only in environmental friendly flats in Zirakpur. Also, during a research, it has been found that green homes reduce respiratory problems to a great extent.

Efficient water and waste management

According to a report, it has been found that around 40-50% of the water is lost during the distribution system. But, an IGBC rated building can help us save water up to 30 percent and energy up to 40 percent that can help in reducing building maintenance costs up to 10 to 30 percent. Green Lotus Saksham is also contributing a lot to this by installing water efficient fixtures and using modern recycling techniques at their green apartments in Zirakpur. Rain water harvesting system is just a small example of their initiative towards effective water management.

Building materials and resources

Reduce, recycle and reuse are critical components to work on but they are also the most important strategies to help reduce the consumption of our vital natural resources. And for that using sustainable building materials to make green buildings is essential. The materials and resources used in IGBC rated buildings do less harm and helps to regenerate natural and social resources present in our environment. So, as a homeowner, a flat or a building in which you’re going to live and work is of utmost importance.

While considering the material and resource choices, any builder should focus on key areas such as biodegradable & environmentally friendly materials, conservation of materials and waste management & reduction.

Brings down the overall costs

IGBC rated green buildings provide homeowners with tremendous benefits that can be both tangible and intangible. With long standing and environmentally effective structure, savings on electricity and water bills could range from 20-30% and 30-50% respectively. These are the tangible benefits that a homeowner receives right from the day one of occupancy. While some of the intangible benefits may comprise of wonderful day lighting and improved air quality which ensures you don’t have to switch on electricity or cooling systems that paves a way towards increased electricity bills.

In a nutshell, IGBC rated or certified flats in Zirakpur meet all the mandatory requirements that not only facilitate the creation of energy efficient, water efficient resources but offers a healthy and comfortable environment as well. In such flats, every aspect of human health and comfort is provided whilst ensuring a better life and better buildings to drive the efficiency and need to protect the environment.

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