Top 10 Features of Eco-Friendly Homes

Green Lotus Apartments knows that green living is more than just buying eco. Green living is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Living in an eco-friendly home not only reduces carbon footprint but helps sustain natural resources as well. This ultimately helps us save money on our energy bills. Thus, understanding the desire for green living, Green residential project builders are increasingly coming up with eco-friendly communities that make energy efficiency and sustainable resources a top priority.

Green Lotus Apartments offer Indian Green Building Certified Homes which uses up to 60% less annual energy and reduce your carbon footprint to over 48-50%.

These eco-friendly apartments are nothing short of. They provide even more in terms of space, amenities and luxuries. Like our recently launched project, Green Lotus Saksham offer a range of exemplary features such as a big green clubhouse, which is ardently conceived as the one-of-its-kind club with lots of indoor and outdoor activities. Some of its key amenities include state of the art gymnasium and spa, cafe lounge, kids PlayStation, indoor swimming pool, snooker and recreation room, etc.

Apart from the many social and recreational amenities, such eco-friendly communities that focus on green living also offer many of the eco-friendly features given below:

Renewable energy sources

As we all know, sunlight and water are the two most common renewable energy sources, which if conserved properly can bring a drastic change in our environment. Solar Panels greatly bring down the energy costs year after years. So the results may be slow, but it will act as your potential future savings.

Energy Star Appliances

In contrary to non-green communities, Energy Star appliances here help you achieve up to 40% more savings which is great for both your energy bill and the environment. Low-energy lighting systems are also installed in and around the community.

High efficiency, water-conserving Appliances

Rainwater harvesting systems are also installed inside the community to collect the rainwater and use it after purification. Be it efficiency water heaters, low-flow showerheads, faucets and toilets, Green Lotus Apartments offer many ways to significantly cut down on your water consumption.

Heat reflective glasses

Heat reflective glasses provides cooling in winters and warmth in summers. These glasses not only ensure optimal insulation for greater efficiency of your heating and cooling systems but also block UV rays from damaging your belongings.

Utility efficiency

By opting efficient energy systems, you can cut down your utility usage by more than 15% over code requirements. These savings are significantly better than other residential projects

Indoor environmental quality

Building materials such as ducts, vents, etc. are used throughout the entire construction process to maintain the high level of indoor air quality for its residents. Moreover, the natural ventilation systems bring controlled fresh air into the homes. Green Lotus Saksham has been built using only paints, adhesives and materials consisting low volatile organic compounds. Thus, it is a one-of-kind green residential project which ensures that there is no compromise with the health and well being of its residents.

Sustainable site

The ecologically balanced landscaping with more than 90% recycled and regionally sourced materials ensures to make it truly a green community.

Eco-friendly insulation

The high-efficiency rating of eco-friendly doors and windows are eventually going to pay you a lot. The windows are glazed with low emissivity coating to block the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Fresh air ventilation system

These apartments consist of modern fresh air ventilation systems to provide better indoor quality by pumping fresh, filtered air in and vents out carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Additional features

Designed to hold IGBC certification, at Green Lotus Saksham, it all starts with giving people a well-appointed and energy efficient place to call home. Along with the aiding in green travel, these apartments in Zirakpur provides complete satisfaction and contentment in terms of higher resale value and low cost of living. #unitedforgreen initiative is another big move by Green Lotus. Read more here.

A green community for sustainable living is what Green Lotus Apartments have efficiently integrated into Green Lotus Saksham. It offers innovative elements inside every apartment and amenities that help promote higher efficiency and lower utility costs. It’s not easy being green, but it’s definitely worth it. The only thing you’ve to just stick to is the notion that , “Sustainable thinking is a way to exceptional living”.